Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just something short since I am thinking of it.

Whether you ride a street bike, dual sport or dirt bike remember that after each ride go over that bike.  What I have done for years which my Dad made us do.  After each ride wash the bike and go over it as you clean it.  This is a good time to make sure everything is in it place.  After you are done wahing and drying it, lube the chain, clean the air filter, etc.  I would especially do this if you have been out pounding the trails or the motocross track.  Better to be safe than sorry.  If you are racing there is nothing worse than getting out there and have something go wrong because you didn't go over the motorcycle.  Save yourself from having a DNF after your name.


Dirt Bikes and Being a Female Rider.

I just wrote a Hub about trying to find a dirt bike that we as women and short men can ride without needing a step ladder. Looking at bikes and doing research online is amazed at how tall bikes have gotten over the years. I have not ridden anything smaller that a 175cc for over 20 years but it seems that if you want a dirt bike a smaller engine would be the answer. It's not. There are thing that can be done to help shorten that seat height. Some of what you can do is easy; some would take some work and money. My big beef is why the manufacturers make it easier for shorter riders to have a dirt bike that fits. I would think that given that more females are interested in racing and riding that there would be a market for them. I would think in some ways this was and still is an untapped market. I do realize that it may not be cost effective to do this but it would be nice if in their lineup of bikes that there is one that is geared towards those of us with an inseam of 30 inches or smaller. I have also come to the conclusion that women still do not have any say in this market because there are very few working in the motorcycle industry were the decision are made. It would be nice to be able to go out and buy a 350cc or higher and have the bike not be 38 inches tall. Even after you get the suspension set up and trim the seat it would still be an ordeal to get your leg over. How about a limited production bike that gives you the power but is geared towards the shorter rider? I think with effective marketing it could be done. I do not know the statistics on the number of female riders but there would probably be more if they could find a dirt bike that didn’t take tons of effort to get ready to ride.

There is my beef with the motorcycle industry.

Just a word. If you cannot find a new bike or slightly used one, look to some of the older models for the bike you want. I know this is not the solution for all, but will help those that want to ride. I understand having been a former racer that riding the newest thing is the way to go.

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