Monday, September 30, 2013

Just got back from a short ride.  Nothing like getting rid of the Monday blues by taking a nice ride on an almost perfect day.  It was a little windy but the temperature outside is perfect.  Not too cold and not too hot.

Took 395 north of Reno to the Red Rock Road exit.  Follow Red Rock which will drop you back onto 395 north of Hallelujah Junction.  I rode 395 south back towards Reno and home.

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  1. hello Mr. Ott...My name is Daniel, I used to race district 37 desert races...Soggy Dry Lake, Red Mtn.,Johnson Valley,Barstow to Vegas..on my DKW 125! Raced that race 3 times...never finished it :( I wanted that barstow to vegas finisher pin so bad! Anyway...I read the article you had posted about the DKW...Yes it was a great bike,never had to put rings or a piston in it and it never failed me! I did one modification to it and that was i put a tourqe pipe on it...ran so much better. And the six speed trans was great against my friends bikes...would pull away from them when I put it in sixth gear! You really should have "thrown a leg" over one. Remember a guy named Tom Brooks? He won many desert races with a DKW 125! Crazy fast! I am currently looking for a DKW to buy...Loved that scooter! hope to find one. Well you have a great day...Daniel