Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2010 ISDE (International Six Day Enduro).

For those that follow the ISDE every year the 2010 event will be held in Morelia, Mexico.  This is one of the premier events for off road motorcycle races.  The great actor Steve McQueen qualified in 1964 to represent the US that year.  It was first held in 1913 in Carlisle, England and has been going strong since.  Back then they called in "trials" and was later changed to "enduro".  Having been a former enduro racer and our club for many years were one of the qualifying enduros; I have always had an interest in this event.

This years event starts Oct 12 -17 in Figueria da Foz, Portugal.

Steve McQueen, Motorcycles and the ISDE.

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