Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Women and Motorcycles

I know what some of you were thinking when you read the title. For some it was an attention getter. This blog is actually geared towards women that ride or are thinking of riding. Let's start off with there is no one bike for a woman. Women do have to think about things like seat height but so do the guys. Not all men are tall and not all women are short. Our experience levels are all different too. A man just starting out riding should be a little picky about his first bike, so should a woman. No one wants to go out a buy a bike that is intimidating. Make sure the bike fits you. The most important thing is can you plant your feet flat on the ground. Do not rush out and get something just because your buddy has one, or your girlfriend says it's the best bike she's ever seen. No one can tell you want is right for you. Being a beginner rider there are concerns not to bite off more than you can chew. I personally would not tell someone to go out and buy a Ducati 1098R Superbike, if they are a beginner.

As for safety, please wear a helmet. Some states do not require it but please make the choice and buy yourself a DOT rated helmet. Think of it as being responsible to yourself and your family. There is nothing more sad and frustrating than sitting in a hospital with a loved one that is hooked up to a machine. The bills, loss of work, rehab, and stress that plagues the family associated with that person being in the hospital. Worse yet, if you die because you didn't wear a helmet leaves a destroyed family in the wake of your death. Do not be one of those, which people say, "If he/she had only been wearing a helmet". I personally think if you have family, spouse and children it is very selfish of you to ride and not wear a helmet.

The most important thing is to have fun.

Happy Riding and Keep the Rubber Side Down.

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