Friday, April 30, 2010

My Penton Dirt Bike

This is one bike that I still think about.  My 1969, 125 Penton.  It had the metal gas tank with the two tone paint job of green and white.  I took that thing off of jumps, hill climbed, and raced that dirt bike all over southern California desert.  I knew of only one other at the time, early 70's and it was riden by another girl who also happened to be in the same motorcycle club as me.  After riding it for a few years it was sold to a neighbor who had a son who was getting into riding and racing.  I often wonder what happened to my Penton.  I still would like a Penton Jackpiner and maybe one day I can find me a nicely restored one that I can do some riding one. 

Those were the days!!!

Check out John Penton, Son Jack Penton and the Penton Dirt Bikes.

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