Friday, April 16, 2010

Dirt Bikes Of The Past

Someitmes I can not believe that I am amost fifty and will do so in a little over a year.  This year I will officially have been riding a motorcycle for 40 years.  It doesn't seem that long ago and sometimes it seems ages ago that I got my first dirt bike.  I am not sure what year Yamaha I had for my first bike but believe it was failry new and may have been a 67.  Yamaha are still around but many bikes that were being ridden back then have faded in the blowing desert wind.  Remember Greeves, CZ, American Eagle or how about a Hodaka?  Montessa's, Ossa, Maico, Bultaco or my favorite, the Penton motorcycle.  Thinking of these old bikes reminds me of the days of bench racing, wrench turning, carburator issues, and no suspension but they are good memories. 

I recently wrote a Hub about some of these old bikes and one that has a list of these old bikes is Vintage Dirt Bikes.  Check it out and read some of my other motorcycle Hubs on Penton, Maico and Hodaka.  Also did a piece on Steve McQeen and his racing days.  He was more than just an actor.

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